If you’re a company that wants to grow your business, demographic and give your existing customers a good reason to value your business? Then we are your key towards managing this goal.

  • HASH7 is a company dedicated to staging music artists and the creating and delivering of smart ideas for brands through strategic partnerships with entertainment influencers.
  • We encourage businesses not to keep spending the annual budgets year after year on quick cheap short term decisions built upon short term decisions as this doesn’t breed customer and client loyalty.
  • We believe that a business can partner with another business via a campaign, event, launch or merger to achieve goals and grow its business.

Founded in 2004 by Al Douglas, HASH7 are proud to work with some of the most iconic, influential and inspiring brands in the world.
We are a small innovative resourceful team specialising as entertainment consultants that broker brand partnerships bringing companies together as well as planning bespoke events in order to grow their businesses profitably.

In the Live Events sector we have long term relationships with artist management, major record labels and agencies enabling us to book virally any artist. We also have a vibrant emerging artist database that consists of over 8000 global music artists of various genres.

HASH7 works with clients to determine the artist profile in terms of genre, demographic reach, geo-profile, brand history and product preference to ensure that the right campaign, associated brand and artist is used and will work for the client and or artist.

We run the end-to-end process for all events including contract negotiation, production, sourcing locations, project and stage management, and as a follow up to all events we collate feedback for future reference.


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