7 Of Clubs

What to know about the 7 of Clubs

7 Of Clubs (1)Clubs – Mind – Communication – Intelligence
7 of Clubs – Inspired Knowledge
Karma for the 7 of Clubs – Agnostic

All 7 of Club want proof before they are willing to extend their beliefs in anything. When this is not forthcoming, they are quick to lose interest and find a new buffet on which to feast.

There is often scandal and back biting connected with this card. Trouble in their work usually comes through labour disputes or unreliable employees. The result causes stress related health issues.

The 7 of Club people can always make money (their chief worry in life!), but it’s only when they are able to fully employ the use of their fine minds that they find peace in this lifetime.

Some people call this the card of the genius – but they must learn to stay away from frivolous associates, psychic experiments, gambling, and drink. Most do, but their natural inclination toward get-rich-quick schemes always seems to set them back.

Those Seven of Club who are “right side up” are those who have been able to provide themselves with a fine educational foundation. They have learned to develop their intuition and have crowned their lives with achievement and success.


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The Sevens are the most spiritual cards of the deck and the task of this Seven is to bring the spiritual aspect of knowledge into the mundane physical world. With such a creative, intellectual prowess, the Seven of Clubs have much to offer when aligned with a positive attitude. Highly analytical and observant, they are a natural when it comes to acquiring new information and knowledge.


With the active mind of a Clubs, the opportunity is to challenge negative, fearful thoughts and attune to positivity and faith. When the Seven of Clubs is not seeking the broader perspective of spiritual truth, they may be prone to depression. With the Seven of Spades in Saturn, their faith can be tested when experiencing health issues, accidents or difficult situations. Longing for stability, they must apply themselves through the power of positive, healthy thoughts.


The Seven of Clubs person has responsibility toward honesty and integrity. Indicated by a Jack of Spades Supporting Karma Card (+KC), they can be slippery and deceiving when under stress or align with their spiritual Seven nature to express the higher vibration offered by the Jack of Spades. They are quite resourceful as well as creative and, when aligned with spiritual knowledge, the result can bring many happy returns to them.

In Jupiter lies the Nine of Diamonds suggesting that their opportunity for wealth needs to be balanced with the capacity to manage it well. Coupled with an Eight of Diamonds Challenging Karma Card (-KC), there are lessons in money management and the power that it brings. It would be wise to avoid gambling or compulsive spending as this will likely bring losses.

Uniting this innate spiritual knowledge with honesty and integrity can bring tremendous satisfaction to Seven of Clubs people. The balancing act is to access the highest vibrations of spiritual knowledge with the propensity for limited thinking, negativity and struggle.

People of this card and suit are here to experience life and themselves through their mental nature, thoughts/thinking, communication/language, information/knowledge and education.

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