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Apart from the branded and private events HASH7 has the opportunity to stage emerging artists. We have the traditional route to perform which separates the hard working artists apart from the “Not So Hard Working”

  • Minimum £105 profit for bands.

HASH7 is one of few organisers that work with major music venues and brands to give music artists the great experience of performing on a good stage with professional lighting, sound and crew.

We are not promoters, though we assist where possible and where we are capable.


No time wasters. Know your band; Know your fan base, Manage yourself professionally.

Unfortunately if your average attendance falls below the 45 people mark HASH7 cannot stage you on the Discover New Music events as we do not agree with pay to play or bands turning up without any fans or promotion.

All of an artist’s financial and future success comes down to good solid management with the strength and relationships they have with their band mates and fans. It is from those relationships that the artists can earn and make a living selling their music, tickets and merchandise.


How It Works

These are performance based events where the band/ artist must be at the level to promote their own events/gigs. The band/ artist must be confident that their minimum attendance to their performance will be 45+ people – regardless what part of the world they are from.

HASH7 stages artists in genre so that the fans and the artists get the most out of the performance, merchandise and gain fan loyalty.

Terms of Agreement applies:- 

  • – All artists are paid for their performance according to the agreement plus are given alternative funds before the performance to help with travel etc.
  • – The artist agrees to sell tickets to fan base in advance, this is exactly the same as the (agreed 45) fans purchasing tickets at the event.
  • – The artist will receive 55 tickets – giving you 10 tickets FREE (on top of the 45 purchased) worth the minimum value of £60.
  •  – Tickets are priced at approximately £6 each (this may vary according to artist) but can be sold to fans at any price you choose – as any profit stays with the artist.
  • – On the night the artist will be paid the minimum of £1 per paying attendee up to 45 people. From 56+ attendees the artist will share a 60/40 door split (60% goes to artist).
  • – THE SUMS: According to a £6 ticket price the minimum payment to an artist with 45 attendees (or 55 tickets) = £60 (made from 10 extra tickets) + £45 (from your minimum attendance in venue £1 per head) Totaling to £105 as your minimum profit before we pay your percentage of door money.

All artists are paid based on their performance and or attendance according to the Terms of Agreement.

Venues include:-

The Garage, Barfly, The Borderline (HMV /MAMA Group), O2 Academy (AMG/ Live Nation), The Underworld, Hard Rock Cafe, Scala, Purple Turtle, Marquee, The Water Rats and Cavern Club.


How do you get a gig without fans?

How do you get fans without a gig?

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