For The Artists – Music

HASH7 are not promoters, we are organisers /consultants helping to place music artists and brands with the right opportunity. We work creatively with brands and businesses to plan and build music event concepts to create profitable national / international exposure.

So that HASH7 can remain grounded in what is happening in the New Music scene we manage the New Band event department at the Underworld Camden (part of the Glendola Leisure Group). See the New Band Nights information for full details on terms.

1.Branded Events


3.Private Events

These event platforms are work requested via global brands clients.

The artists put forward for these events/ platforms must be hardworking with a professional manner, reliable, talented, good and up to date social media presence, contactable and quite serious and understanding about the music they produce and how they perform.

It doesn’t matter whether the artist has been performing for 10 years or 10 months all the above will always apply.

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Artist Opportunities