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About Us

Open Embassy is one of the largest premier projects devoted to expanding culture into new markets by showcasing the UK and participating countries talent and business. It’s an international lifestyle project working creatively put together by Al Douglas and Paul Knowles in conjunction with London and overseas High Commission/ Embassies.

The Brief

Open Embassy is the perfect innovative platform for an artist/ brand/ business wishing to expand its business globally or gain global connections.

  • A grand opportunity to harness your own in-house event with Live Music, Fine Art, Food Culture and High Profile B2B Networking with approx. 200 guests from various international backgrounds.
  • A project to invite your clients whilst showing-off your products to them and an influential guest list.


  • Two Trending Artists from the country of origin and one ground breaking UK artist will be staged – the project has a 100% success rate in helping artists and brands involved and we aim to keep that going.

Working with our festival clients like Womad and The Great Escape will ensure that the artists will perform at those festivals which gives them a public facing audience of approx. 10k before they perform at Open Embassy in front of approx. 200/250 invitation only influential guests – people who could help a career or business move a little quicker.

  • Fine Art is also the focus, where we have art work form an independent artist of origin and an artist from the Brit School. The last event we sold 5 pieces of Art.
  • Catering is also important, Last year we have had TV/ Book writing chefs. The food was amazing and a great talking point. Currently I’m speaking to a couple of food magazines to attend all the Open Embassy events to critique the various foods.
  • Networking is key (B2B & B2C), there are so many high profile guests from various backgrounds it’s important that they feel relaxed and free to engage in conversation, the last two events was energizing, there were positive multiple exchanges in communication and we are still getting compliments to this day.

As you may understand it’s not just about music, it’s about culture exchange. More and more embassies are realising the importance and benefits of these events. Our goal is open doors for all involved, and that’s the main reason why Open Embassy is worth supporting.

We want guests to discover who the up and coming artists are, which regions and sectors brands are focusing on and understand a nations culture at an Open embassy event.

We encouraged a unique B2B networking environment for music industry representatives, influential decision makers, media journalists, international brand ambassadors and embassy officials. The networking opens up an export and import strategy giving artists and guests the confidence and knowledge to explore or expand into the cultures market.

…And our work doesn’t stop there! – After the event there is a follow up process over the following weeks ahead to network the artist’s progress and potential to build a new platform where it may not have been possible before and to assist them moving forward. This would also be the same process for the B2B networking. Anyone with a business interest in this huge market will benefit from our event.

This is your opportunity to focus on your culture objectives. The demand is out there start your journey doing business overseas, offers high growth and high value business opportunities for all involved.




Open Embassy is in proud partnership with:

International Music Community (IMC)HASH7 (#7)Sound Diplomacy
in association with South by Southwest (SxSW) Festival, Pentaport Rock FestivalGreat Escape Festival and Liverpool Sound City

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